Vehicle Inspections


The Marion County Sheriff’s Office staff is certified to perform vehicle inspections.  
An inspection is required when a vehicle is purchased and brought into Kentucky from another state and the owner is going to reside in Marion County and would like to obtain a Marion County license plate. Your vehicle must comply with the provisions of KRS Chapter 189 pertaining to vehicle equipment. Simply stated, your vehicle must be in a safe condition for operation upon the highway and capable of transporting both persons and contents in a safe manner. This would include, but not limited to, the brakes, steering, headlights, rear lights, brake lights, and turn signals being in place and fully operable. All glass, windshield, door glass, side mirrors, rearview and taillights, must be in place without cracks.
During a vehicle inspection the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is compared with the VIN on the Title or Certificate of Origin and the mileage is recorded on a Kentucky Application for Certificate of Title/Registration Form. You must take this completed form to the County Clerk to obtain your Kentucky license plate. 
The inspector may also check the vehicle for all safety features, including lights, wipers, horn, turn signals, glass, brakes, tires, exhaust, etc.
The inspector has the right to deny an inspection if the vehicle does not meet the criteria of being in “road worthy” condition.
Inspection Fees:
                   Onsite (Sheriff’s Office)                    $5.00
                   Offsite                                               $10.00

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